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The Greatness of the Godhead

I’ve adopted a new practice of late. On the train to and from university, I’ll listen to some teaching, saving the music for the walk home from the train station.

This past week, I had the opportunity to listen to a fantastic teaching on the Godhead entitled “The Greatness of the Godhead” by Pastor Steve Cooley, one of the pastors at Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA and “the Tuesday guy” from No Compromise Radio (a podcast that is the first thing I listen to when I get through the door every day).

In this teaching from their Sunday school class (or so I gather), Pastor Steve takes a look at some of the attributes of God and parses out the Biblical teaching behind them as well as showing the application. I really enjoyed this teaching, not only because it was Biblically grounded but also because Pastor Steve is quite the humorous guy. Listen out for his “dude over the cliff” story 😉

The teaching is in four parts – right-click the links to download them:

The Greatness of the Godhead (1)

The Greatness of the Godhead (2)

The Greatness of the Godhead (3)

The Greatness of the Godhead (4)


Saturday Night Sermon: Dr Keith Essex – “A Divine Intolerance” (Gal 1:6-10)

Lord willing, a regular feature here at Fiery Logic will be a sermon or Bible study which I hope will be of some benefit. 

This week’s Saturday Night Sermon is one from my fellowship, GraceLife London, featuring the ministry of Dr Keith Essex, professor of Bible Exposition at The Master’s Seminary. His theme is “A Divine Intolerance”, working through Gal 1:6-10