Fiery Logic gets its name from the phrase by which Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones described Biblical preaching – “logic on fire”.

My name’s Doug. I’m 21, from London and I like to write. Think of Fiery Logic as my well-monitored Internet Moleskine – the posts are vaguely related but make a good amount of sense if you read with your brain. That’s the logic part taken care of.

But this isn’t just an academic exercise – so this will at times get a little…passionate, shall we say? This is fiery logic – the truth deserves a passionate declaration, not a whimper with all the passion of the guy at McD’s asking if I want just a meal or just the sandwich (or in some cases, less passion than that…)

Doug in all his masculine glory 😉

  1. Neat blog – (or rather logblog)
    Will follow 🙂

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