Help Get My Brother to Seminary!

We live in an age where, in proportion to the amount of confusing and downright bad teaching, good Bible teachers are hard to come by. Bearing that in mind, any opportunity to see more sound teaching and preaching of the Word go out tends to excite me. So I was really excited to hear that my friend and brother Anthony Forsyth had the opportunity to go and study at The Master’s Seminary in California next year .

Anthony is a great Bible teacher who has helped me work through some theological issues over the last few months with an interesting mix of theological insight and pastoral concern. I’m excited to see my brother and his wonderful family head off to the US for the next chapter of what God has in store for them. However, they could do with your help.

In order to get a visa to head off to the United States, they need somewhere in the region of £25,000 – no small amount to be sure and so as the Lord gives opportunity, they are raising funds to make it happen and so I have three requests. Firstly, click the link to head over to Anthony’s ministry website and have a listen to some of his teaching. You’ll be glad you did. Secondly, if you are indeed blessed by the ministry you hear, I would encourage you to prayerfully support the Forsyth family’s move to the US as you are able. Thirdly, if you aren’t able to financially support, please keep them in prayer.

In whatever way you are able to support – thank you. Every little bit helps (sorry, Tesco…)


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